Five Locations

Five Locations To Serve You Pizza!

A.G. Mesa Pizza ShopFacebook

Our first pizza shop, opened in 2007, is located next to JJ’s Market on the Palo Mesa, and serves southern Arroyo Grande.

(805) 474-9924
2790-C Halcyon Rd
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 (map it)

A.G. Mesa Pizza

A.G. Rancho Pizza ShopFacebook

Our second pizza shop, opened in 2011, is located near Food4Less in the Rancho Shopping Center and serves northern Arroyo Grande.

(805) 481-7888
906 Rancho Parkway
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 (map it)
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A.G.Rancho Pizza

San Luis Obispo Pizza ShopFacebook

Our third pizza shop, opened in 2014, is located on South Higuera in the Tenwise Shopping Center and serves San Luis Obispo.

(805) 784-0983
3536 S. Higuera St #206
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (map it)
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San Luis Obispo Pizza

A.G. Village Pizza ShopFacebook

Our fourth pizza shop, opened in 2016, has a unique menu and specializes in ‘wood fired’ pizza. Located in the Arroyo Grande Village, this location does not make deliveries.

(805) 904-6807
150 W. Branch
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 (map it)
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A.G. Village Pizza

Roman Pizza al TaglioFacebook

Our fifth pizza shop, opened in 2021, has a unique menu and specializes in ‘Roman’ pizza. Located in the Santa Maria Town Center.

(805) 904-6807
198 Town Center East
Santa Maria, CA 93454 (map it)
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Santa Maria Town Center Pizza